Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you believe this kid?

This little boy is everywhere, but its so stinking cute!

Play date with Zachery's Cousin Evan

We went to Santana Row today to play with our cousin Evan. It was a beautiful morning!

A's Suite last Saturday

We had the opportunity to be in a Suite for the A's game so we had a bunch of friends and had a great time! The kids loved it to. They had so much room to play. Even better the A's won! It was also a fireworks night so we stayed for them. It was Zachery's first fireworks. Of course the kid fell asleep. Who falls asleep during fireworks?? Only my child ;)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lombard Street

The day Sam and Mom were leaving we headed to San Francisco to find Samantha a gown. Well the store wound up being closed so we headed to Lombard Street. They had turned crooked street into Candy Land. 4 teams of 6 kids from the Childrens Hospital played and it was so adorable. Enjoy the pictures.

A visit to the Bergerons

Of course they each had to take a turn holding him :)

A's vs Yankees and the A's Win!

We were able to go to the Yankees game and the A's actually beat them that night. It was a great time. We ate a ton and Sam got a few autographs and got on the big screen. Unfortunately she didn't get Derek Jeters autograph but we have some pictures of him. Enjoy!

Reggie Jackson signing a baseball card for Sam!

Jorge Posada signing a card for Sam

Sam looking so grown up! :(A few Derek Jeter pictures for you.

Zachery lovin' on his Aunt Sam

Samantha and I both made it on the big screen (its supossed to look wavy)

The end to a fun night!