Sunday, August 23, 2009

A's vs Yankees and the A's Win!

We were able to go to the Yankees game and the A's actually beat them that night. It was a great time. We ate a ton and Sam got a few autographs and got on the big screen. Unfortunately she didn't get Derek Jeters autograph but we have some pictures of him. Enjoy!

Reggie Jackson signing a baseball card for Sam!

Jorge Posada signing a card for Sam

Sam looking so grown up! :(A few Derek Jeter pictures for you.

Zachery lovin' on his Aunt Sam

Samantha and I both made it on the big screen (its supossed to look wavy)

The end to a fun night!

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  1. You gals are like celebrities. So I wouldn't know, at these "games" people just go around and put you on video? No surprise Mr. Stephen wasn't put up there...i think we ALL know why :-P