Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October 1st!

WoW Its October 1st! Zachery is going to be 8 months old on Saturday. Can you even believe it? He is doing so much already. I can't even believe how fast time goes. He has a tooth on the bottom, and the 2nd one is trying to pop through as well. He of course has done great with those. No fever, rash, or real complaining. We are so blessed with a happy easy baby. Hopefully the rest will be just the same ;) He is crawling as fast as we can walk. He loves to take off for the stairs if he gets there before we stop him. He will crawl over, stop and sit up, look at us and laugh. Like ha ha here I go! We just got a toy he can push and walk with. Well he runs and pushes it. We got some video tonight, I will put it up as soon as I can.
He is starting to eat some solid food. He loves to pick up and eat cheerios and bananas. He still mostly eats the blended food I make for him. Zachery has the sippy cup down! He drinks so fast!
Even if hes choked up, he wont wait to catch his breath before he starts drinking again. Its quite funny.
Gymboree is a ton of fun to take him to. He is Mr. Social. He is everywhere trying to talk and smily at every other baby. Its really fun to watch him interact with other babies.
Here are some recent pictures to enjoy!

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