Sunday, November 8, 2009

9 months old!

Can you even believe Zachery is 9 months old! He had his 9 month check up and he is 50 percentile for everything :) Just perfect! He is very strong and loves to just stand but he thinks crawling is much faster than trying to walk. We arent rushing him in to anything thats for sure. He still only has 2 teeth and no sign of any coming soon. He LOVES to eat. Yesterday we tried mandarin oranges and he ate the entire can. He also really loves yogurt and anything we are eating.
Here are some fun pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!

He LOVES baths still! He crawls to the bathroom and tries to get in the tub!

In the nursery at church today

Zachery was over the football game since the Eagles were losing, he decided its time for baseball season again!

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