Monday, December 7, 2009

December is here!

So December is in full swing and we have a busy month ahead of us! We have a big Christmas show every year with church. This year we are having it at a college theatre! Its going to be a blast! Today we performed at City Hall in the middle of the cities Christmas festivities. It went great! We then were in the Christmas Parade and handed out flyers to the show. It was also a lot of fun. Zachery was in his first parade ;) He fell alseep in the stroller but enjoyed it while he was awake. There are more performances to come leading up to the 19th and 20th when we have 5 shows that weekend. Today I decorated a bit more while Zachery was taking a nap this morning. After I got him down from his nap he was so excited to see the tree and lights. I can't wait to put up the big tree and decorate it. That will probably happen Tuesday. I will make sure to put up some pictures with Zachery in them :) I hear the East Coasters got some snow today, I am quite jealous! Save some for me :) Here are some pictures from our day!!

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