Friday, April 23, 2010

On the road again...

Well it't finally here! Time for our big road trip to Colorado for my cousin Jeannette's wedding! We are packed and se excited!
We are heading out early early tomorrow morning and driving to Salt Lake City. We have flown through there a few times and have always wanted to check it out. We will stay there until Monday morning. Then we drive to Denver.
We will check out Denver Monday evening and stay over so we can get My mom, Jeff, and Sam at the airport and drive to Estes Park. The final destination for a few days.
We are really excited to see the sights on the way and take lots of pictures. I will have internet access most the time so I will make sure I share our journey with you!
Its vacation time and I love it! Now its off to get some rest so we can get up early!

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