Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Time

Well its been a few weeks since I posted anything.
I can't believe how fast June has gone. We have been busy.

This past weekend was Relay for Life. Our church has a team every year. It was a beautiful day out. Zachery had a great time playing with all of the kids on the football field.

Zachery following Ashton around trying to chase the ball!

We also had a great Fathers Day. Stephen, Zachery, and I spent the day together going to church, having great subs for lunch, and then once we put the little man to bed we headed to dinner with some friends that were in town.

We ate at a VERY different italian restaurant. The restaurant was Incanto in San Francisco. The chef is Chris Cosentino from the Food Network. He loves to cook different parts of the animal that you don't normally see. Things like pork belly and cured tuna heart. I stayed far away from those but enjoyed other things. Here's the website, check it out!

We have been to a few more baseball games. Last week we were able to see Orlando Cabrera at the A's game when Cinncinati was in town. We were able to hang out a few minutes before the game. Orlando had given Zachery his practice glove to play with before and during the game, he was thrilled!

The day after the game was the BIG day to find out what we were having. We were thrilled to find out it was a girl! Here is a picture of me and my belly the day we found out. 20 weeks pregnant and half way there!!

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