Saturday, August 14, 2010

First time in the lake!

Today was a fun day and so beautiful outside. It was also the first time Zachery went in the lake. He probably would have gone in sooner but the water was warm today so today was the first day we were willing to take him in! He didn't want to get out! He was in before his nap for a long time with us, after his nap, and wanted to go in this evening when his PJ's were on. He is definitely not afraid. We go on the dock and he immediately goes to the edge and turns around to get in. The good thing is he knows he only goes on the dock with his life jacket on. We also set up the pool again for him. Thankfully he just loves any water! Enjoy the pictures!

Mmmmmm Eggs and watermelon!

First dip in the lake, he just laid back and relaxed in the water.

Then he went all the way in with daddy!

He loves daddy's computer.

He climbed up here and just wanted to relax

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